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Local Roads Millage Renewal
Rochester Hills Neighborhood Roads
Protecting Your Investment with No Increase in Taxes

“Residential road maintenance and reconstruction” are consistently ranked among the most important issues the City should address.
Source: City of Rochester Hills Public Opinion Survey, April 2019

Dear Fellow Residents:

               The City of Rochester Hills currently has three separate Local Street millages which provide for the maintenance, repair, and reconstruction of Local Streets in the City. These (3) local street millages are set to expire in 2020 with combined total 1.0965 mill.
On the November 5, 2019 General Election Ballot, it is proposed to renew the three (3) expiring Local Street millages into one (1) combined Local Street millage at 1.0965 mill beginning in 2021 for the next 10-years. If approved, this proposal will not raise the current tax rate.            

Local Street millages are a vital source of funding for the City's Local Street system providing for approximately 40% of annual Local Street Fund revenues.

The Rochester Hills Public Safety and Infrastructure Committee has studied and recommended the renewal of Local Street millages I, II, and III into one (1) new 10-year Local Street millage beginning in FY 2021.

The Rochester Hills Public Safety & Infrastructure Committee

 Millage - Current and Proposed
Millage Numbers

What is a millage renewal?
A question before voters to renew a previously authorized millage which is expiring at the same millage rate for an additional term, in this case an additional 10-years.

What would a renewed Local Street millage at 1.0965 mill pay for?
A renewed Local Street millage would dedicate over $4,000,000 each year for the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of the Local Street system in the City of Rochester Hills.

Can the renewed millage be used for anything other than Local Streets in the City?
No. If approved by voters, this renewed millage would dedicate funding only towards activities that maintain and improve the Local Street system in the City of Rochester Hills.

Is this a new tax that will increase my tax bill?
No. If approved by voters, the total City Local Street millage rate is proposed to remain unchanged at 1.0965 mill.

What services are covered by the Local Street millage?
Winter Operations: snow and ice removal, salting, and anti-icing
Construction: asphalt resurfacing and concrete removal and replacement
Preservation: crack sealing, sweeping, pothole patching, and gravel road grading
Traffic Services: traffic sign installation and replacement

 For a more informative video about this proposal click the link here

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