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Mayor's Video Log - October 12th
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Bryan K. Barnett

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Mayor - “Alright, so we’re here at Adams High School for one of the most exciting weeks of the year right it's spirit week, it’s pep week, we’re at a pep rally right now. Homecoming is when?”

Young lady – “Saturday night.”

Mayor – “Saturday night. We’re here with Natalie, Natalie is on our youth council, and a junior here at Adams High School. Tell me what this is all about tonight. What’s going on?”

Natalie – “Well we’re just gonna have a lot of fun, we’re getting hyped up for the pep, I mean the homecoming dance, tonight we have the homecoming game and a nice tailgate, a huge tailgate. Yeah, homecoming ready.”

Mayor – “There are some crazy games going on here today. Tell me about some of the stuff that’s happening in here.”

Natalie – “So we just played quidditch and our theme for this dance is Harry Potter. So quidditch of course, we gotta play. Um, we played girls tug-of-war”

Mayor – “Who won the girls tug-of-war?”

Natalie – “The seniors of course”

Mayor (looking shocked and laughs) – “Uh-uh!”

Natalie – “I know”

Mayor – “So it’s pretty cool, I mean you’ve got everybody in here, everybody’s fired up, that’s one of the cool things about our community, uh Rochester’s, um I think homecoming is next week, Stoney Creek the week after, Avondale’s got some cool stuff coming up. So much spirit here, you guys are a Blue Ribbon School.”

Natalie – “We are, yup.”

Mayor – “One of the only ones in the state and you can see it in the atmosphere here. We're going to see some pretty cool dancing from the guys coming up right?”

Natalie – “Oh yeah, definitely”

Mayor – “Tell us a little bit about that, what is the tradition there?”

Natalie – “Um, every year each grade, juniors, I mean sophomores, freshman, juniors, seniors they create dance, so it’s only boys, and some girls coach it, and they have a lot of fun with it.”

Mayor – “So who’s gonna win this year?”

Natalie – “I think the juniors are gonna win. It’s their year.”

Mayor – “The call is the juniors are gonna win from Natalie, we’ll see if it pans out. Anyway, just a chance for you guys who maybe don’t go to school here to see some of the crazy, cool stuff that happens in our school district, lots of energy, lots of excitement, hopefully we’ll see you for the homecoming football game tomorrow night, oh, tonight!”

Natalie & Mayor – “Tonight.”

Mayor – “Tonight, we’ll see you soon. Say thanks Natalie, go juniors”

[Music montage of the different class dances]


[Applause and screaming through the quidditch game]

Mayor – “Alright, so we’re here with Miriam, who’s a senior, super fired up, right?”

Miriam – “Yes”

Mayor – “This is pep week, tell me what this week means to you.”

Miriam – “Um, it’s really just, it’s a huge community of Adams High School and we just, today is like the biggest day of all, and we just, we just go crazy altogether, it’s so fun. It’s, it’s amazing.”

Mayor – “Now for those who don’t know, uh, you’re a Highlander, right?”

Miriam – “I am”

Mayor – “So you got the Highlander gear. What does that entail as a senior?”

Miriam – “Well for seniors we always wear kilts, as seniors, like to all like, all the events and stuff, so it gets, it gets really cool, cause then everyone is talking about how they are going to wear it and stuff, and then we’re all in our colors, cause like, seniors gonna wear black, and like each rank gets a color.”

Mayor – “Now we just had Natalie who’s a junior, she said the juniors are gonna win this year. You agree with that?”

Miriam – “Not a chance, not a chance! Seniors, we dominate!”

Mayor – “Seniors will dominate.”

Miriam – “Seniors deserve to win.”

Mayor – “Now where are you going to school next year, do you know yet?”

Miriam – “Um, I’m pretty sure University of Nebraska.”

Mayor – “You’re going to be a Cornhusker.”

Miriam nods

Mayor – “Alright well listen, say hi to everybody out there, thanks for, uh, joining us. It’s going to be a great time today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow night, right?”

Miriam – “Yes, and the dance!”

Mayor – “Who’s the lucky guy taking you to the dance tomorrow?”

Miriam – “Um, a friend from Stoney actually.”

Mayor – “A friend from Stoney, what’s his name?”

Miriam – “Evan.”

Mayor – “Evan be good, alright have fun! We’ll see ya.” 

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