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Mayor's Video Log - March 7th
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Bryan K. Barnett

Ph: 248.656.4664
Fx: 248.656.4603
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Hi, I'm Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the city of Rochester Hills, and as always thanks for watching. Well the seasons are finally starting to turn here in the city, and of course, we get excited about that for lots of reasons. Number one, we know our residents love to get outdoors, and you're already starting to see more activity on the Paint Creek and Clinton River Trails. And just, throughout the neighborhoods of Rochester Hills as people are willing and ready to shake off those winter doldrums, and get on out and try out some of the new stuff they got over the holidays, and I'm one of those people. Lots of new things to check out too. Of course, building in our city has never been more robust. You see it with new neighborhoods popping up and new businesses coming into the city. I thought maybe I'd share with you a story of one of the new neighborhoods I experienced just this past week. It’s a Pulte subdivision called Woodland Park, and it's over on Livernois, just south of the roundabout, south of uh, Hamlin, And I was there for the ribbon cutting, and that was at noon the day that their model home opened. Well by noon they had sold three homes in this brand new neighborhood, and by the first weekend without a single home in the entire neighborhood they sold 11. So people are very much interested in moving into Rochester Hills, and experiencing what all of you hopefully know and love about our community.

Well not only do we have all of those new houses and new residents coming to the city, but there's some pretty cool new restaurants as well. You can see the new Culvers taking shape out in front of the Meijers on uh, on uh Auburn Road. Of course we're getting close to the opening of PF Changs the Jagged Fork, both over the Village of Rochester Hills, and a couple other surprises that we’ll be happy to announce in the upcoming weeks.

Along with great growth uh, and uh interest in our residential and commercial sectors, of course you know we're continuing on with the exciting project of Riverbend Park. If you like to get more information on some of the latest designs for that Park. or want to figure out how you and your family can get involved in and making a legacy commitment or donation to see that park come to life, you can visit our website or call the Mayor's Office at 248.656.4664.

And one last thing, as you're thinking about making a difference, we have an opportunity, as we do each and every year with our Recyclebank Green Schools program. Where if you're sitting on any of those Recyclebank points, which hopefully you are, of course those points are generated when you and your family take your trash out, and recycle, each and every week. Well this is the opportunity you can turn that trash into cash, and last year, thankfully, because of the generosity of Rochester Hills folks just like you, we were able to get $25,000 for 12 different schools in the Rochester Community School District. And right now, and only for the next week or so, we're asking our residents to donate again. If you go on and click on the Green Schools tab, you'll see that another 12 schools from Rochester Community School District, who have environmentally sensitive, or friendly projects, and they're asking for your help. Take those points that you've accumulated, some of you use them regularly, some of you never, ever, ever use them and are sitting on tens of thousands of points, and donate those to the school of your choice, and let's turn that money, or turn those points rather, into cash for our kids.

Listen have a great day, enjoy the week, and let's bring spring in together here in the City of Rochester Hills real soon thanks for watching.

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