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Mayor's Video Log - March 7th
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Bryan K. Barnett

Ph: 248.656.4664
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“Hi, I’m Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the City of Rochester Hills, and as always, thanks for watching. Well we are here, it is Summer in the city and there are so many fun things to do. And, I’m standing right now in Spencer Park, and I hope this place, this beach in particular looks familiar to you. But unfortunately, we know that nearly 70% of our residents, you folks watching, have never been to Spencer Park, right here in the City of Rochester Hills. We want to take just a few minutes and show you some of the great things you can do right here, not more than maybe two or three miles from where you live. We’ve got this great lake, starts with this lake right behind me. Uh, Carter Lake right here at Spencer Park, uh, it’s a 37-acre lake, right now the best thing, the only thing you need to know is that the water temperature where these kids are playing is 76 degrees. Great for swimming, the lifeguards are here from about 10 or 11 in the morning, til about 8 at night. Uh, it makes for a very safe situation, perfect for families, great beaches as you can see. But there is lots more to see and explore here at Spencer Park, and we’re gonna show you some of the new things that are available this summer. Come with me, take a look.

So one of the neatest things about Spencer Park is this super cool playground behind me. Probably one of the best kept secrets, is that the best playground in our city is here at Spencer Park. Now this has been around for a while, but over here you’ll see some things that are brand new this year. And two friends of mine, Matt and Olivia, are gonna tell us a little bit more about what we have.”

Mayor: “So what are these things what are we looking at?”

Olivia: “These are stand up paddleboards. They are brand new to the City and this park this year. We as a park own six of them, um, you have to be eighteen to rent them, and twelve and up can go on them if your parents or your par, or guardian rents them out for you and you go with them.”

Mayor: “I’ve never been on one, probably a lot of our viewers haven’t as well. Is it hard, is it tough, do you need experience, can uh, is this a good place for a first timer to jump on a paddleboard?”

Olivia: “I believe it’s not hard at all, you just need to have a little bit of balance, and athleticism and you’re on your way.”

Mayor: “Awesome”

Olivia: “It’s a great place to learn”

Mayor: “It looks pretty cool, um, to show everyone watching exactly how easy it is, can we get you two to do it?”

Olivia and Matt: “Yep”

Mayor “Lets watch em”

Music plays while kids are paddleboarding

Mayor: “I mean this is really easy, my first time out here, this is no big deal, anybody can do this, you don’t even really need to have great balance, or maybe I’m just an incredible athlete, Jason! No, no, get back! Ugh!”

“Well if paddleboarding isn’t quite your thing, maybe you would choose to enjoy Spencer Lake on one of our eight rowboats. Uh, where you can grab your fishing tackle and enjoy the lake from, uh, the paddling pleasure of one of these boats. Or a paddleboat, or maybe you just don’t want to be on the lake, but still want to enjoy it. Take a look at the fishing pier over my shoulders, handicapped accessible, and as you can see even on this very day it is being enjoyed by lots of Rochester Hills youngsters, catching lots of Rochester Hills fish. Friends, there are so many fun things to do this summer at Spencer Park. I hope that you will get off your couch and come and explore all that we have here to offer. As I said, not more than a couple miles from where you sit right now. I hope to see you at the beach ladies and gentleman, Spencer Park is open and ready for you.”

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