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Water Quality Protection
Maintaining the detention pond in your neighborhood can have a big impact on the quality of the storm water leaving your area and flowing into a nearby stream or river. Your detention basin is an important component of the storm water collection system and serves to minimize the impact of flooding, helps to slow the rate of water runoff from the neighborhood, and improves the quality of the storm water leaving the detention pond. When properly maintained, your basin collects and traps sediment from storm water that would otherwise end up clogging our rivers and streams and degrading the environment for fish, birds, and other wildlife.

Your Homeowner's Association is responsible for properly maintaining the detention basin in your neighborhood.

In an effort to help your association understand this responsibility, the City of Rochester Hills has provided a guidebook to educate your subdivision and condominium Homeowner's Associations about their storm water detention basins. The guidebook explains why basins are needed, types of different basins and suggested maintenance work to ensure that the basin continues to function properly.

The Public Involvement and Education Committee of the Assembly of Rouge Communities prepared the Maintaining Your Detention Basin Guidebook, and we hope homeowner groups find it a useful reference tool. 

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