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One thing you can be sure of here is Michigan is the arrival of snow in winter. While it is beautiful and fun for children to play in, property owners or occupants who have a sidewalk adjoining their property need to be aware of their responsibility to keep and maintain the sidewalk.

Rochester Hills ordinance requires that all interior subdivision sidewalks be cleared of snow and ice within 48 hours after the snow event, and remain clear from accumulations of snow, sleet, ice, and water at all times. This ordinance was designed with pedestrian safety in mind as it will help to prevent slip-and-fall accidents from occurring, and will allow for safe travel for neighborhood children to walk to and from school or the bus stop. 

Wintertime is not the only time property owners with sidewalks need to be diligent. Overgrown landscaping and low hanging trees must be maintained to avoid blocking the sidewalk (Please see Bike Pathway and Sidewalk Vegetation Maintenance on our Tree Regulation webpage.) Local ordinance also requires homeowners to repair severely cracked or deformed sidewalks. Deformities that present a trip hazard must be repaired. If you have a sidewalk that is damaged and you need help in determining if it needs repair, contact the Engineering Department at 248.656.4640.

For a complete reading of property owner responsibilities related to sidewalks, go to Municode Chapter 94-141-143.

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