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Firewood Storage
Homeowners that keep firewood on their property either for home heating or recreational purposes need to be aware of the following conditions:
  • All firewood shall be stacked in a neat, orderly manner and must be at least six (6) inches from any building or structure.
  • Firewood is not to be stored in the front yard.

In the event of a storm that knocks down trees and branches, or any other activity related to tree removal, homeowners have fifteen (15) days to cut up and remove any branches and wood that will not remain on site. Wood that will remain shall be neatly stacked as described above. Please check with the Forestry Department prior to cutting down any trees that have a diameter of six (6) inches, measured at chest height, to ensure that a tree removal permit is not required.

Note: Current ordinance prohibits the burning of leaves and brush. These items must be removed from the property by the homeowner or a contracted waste hauler. Recreational fires are allowed by permit from the Fire Department. Only seasoned firewood is to be used. Contact the Fire Department to obtain a burning permit. Burning guidelines will be provided when the permit is issued.

For a complete reading of the Firewood Ordinance, see Municode Chapter 84-4, (a)(7).

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