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Special Assessment District for Paving of Local Gravel Roads
A Special Assessment District (SAD) is a special financing district set up to fund the capital costs of a public improvement that provides special benefits to property owners in a subdivision or a defined neighborhood. The legal theory behind the special assessment district is thought to be that the owner's share of the cost assessed against their property will be offset by a reasonably proportionate increase in the value of the property resulting from the improvement.

The SAD process will start with an annual Call for Projects that will occur during the months of September and October. Residents that want to submit a request to begin this process will be expected to provide written documentation to the city showing that at least 60% of the street residents show support in requesting a public information meeting to learn more about the SAD program. See below for complete policy and procedures.

SAD Policy

Attachment B: Schedule - Flow Chart

Attachment C: Schedule - Gantt Chart

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