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The mowing season is approaching and we need your help to keep our city looking its best.

Beginning May 1st, the Rochester Hills Weed Ordinance requires all weed and grass that has grown to over 8 inches in height be cut. If your lot is found out of compliance, the city contractor will cut the lot and you will be billed for that service. 

If you have retained the services of a contractor to regularly service your vacant lot, you may submit a contact email to the city. In the event that an ordinance inspector cites your lot as being in violation, we will be send you an email notifying you of the violation and you will be given 72 hours to clear the violation. If your lot is not cut within 72 hours, the city contractor will be directed to cut your lot and you will receive a bill.

Please send your lot number(s) (15-##-###-###), and contact email to .

The Rochester Hills Building Department
Ordinance Division

Vacant Lots
The owners of vacant property are required by ordinance to cut grass and weeds that have grown over eight inches in height. All lots in the city are to be cut 100 feet back from the edge of the road. All lots must be cut back 100 feet from the side and rear property line when adjacent to any school, park, subdivision, or occupied dwelling.

Occupied Lots
All occupied lots must be cut back 100 feet from the edge of the road. If the lot is located in a subdivision where 60% of the lots contain houses, then the entire lot must be cut.

The city ordinance gives the city the authority to enter any property to cut the grass and weeds when they exceed 8 inches in height. This authority begins on May 1 of each year and continues through the entire year until all the offending lots are brought into compliance. A notice of such authority is posted in the local newspaper on three different dates in March and April notifying property owners in the City of Rochester Hills of the ordinance requirements.

A local newspaper posting serves as legal notice for the owners of vacant and occupied lots. As a convenience to the owners of a lot with a dwelling on it, the Ordinance compliance staff will place a warning sticker on the premise, advising the owner of a 72-hour notice to cut the grass or weeds. If the owner fails to comply, the city directs a contractor to cut the grass and weeds at the property owner's expense.

For a complete reading of the ordinance, see Municode Article 1, Section 84-17

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