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Unlicensed/Inoperable Vehicles and Junk & Debris
There is currently no limit to the number of vehicles that may be parked on a residential property in the city, but there are conditions. The conditions are:

  • All vehicles that are parked or stored on residential property must be operable, meaning the vehicle is capable of performing the transportation function for which it was manufactured. The vehicle must be currently licensed and operable at all times.
  • In addition to vehicle storage, city regulations prohibit the storage or accumulation of old, rusty, wrecked, damaged, deteriorated or discarded machinery, appliances, scrap metals, materials or parts not suited for use upon the property. Old and used building materials outside of a completely enclosed building are prohibited. Building materials that are to be used to improve the premises in which a valid building permit exists may be kept if piled off the ground to prevent becoming a home for rodents.
  • If a vehicle is being stored for a long period of time because a family member is in the military, contact the Building Department Ordinance Compliance division and arrangements will be made to make a note to file.

For a complete reading of the ordinance please see Municode Article 1, Sec. 84-4.

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