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Public Property Homeowner Responsibility
Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sidewalks located in front of their property. Replacing or repairing a public sidewalk requires a right-of-way permit from the Department of Public Service Engineering Division. If you have any questions regarding the repair or replacement requirements of a sidewalk located in front of your property, please contact the DPS-Engineering department at 248.656.4640.

For a complete reading of property owner responsibilities related to sidewalks, go to Municode Chap 94-141-143.

Snow & Ice Removal
Any snow or ice shall be removed from the sidewalk in front of your house within 48 hours after the snow or ice event.

Street Trees/Lawns
Trees on the local road right-of-way are the property of the City of Rochester Hills. Permission must be obtained from the Forestry Division at 248.656.4673 before removing or planting trees. The maintenance of the grass and other planting in this area is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Landscaping Supplies
Homeowners who have hired a landscaping company to make improvements that involve the delivery of topsoil, mulch, stone or gravel, please take note of this important information. These companies have made it a practice to have these materials deposited on the city street and use the city right-of-way for a staging area while the project is underway. This is a violation of city ordinance and will be strictly enforced. The property owner will be given a two-hour notice to have the materials removed from the city's right-of-way. If it is not removed, the city DPS supervisor will assign equipment and crew to remove the materials at the property owner's expense. If this happens after normal business hours, it will include overtime. So advise the contractor before the arrival of the materials to avoid a substantial expense.

Basketball Hoops
Though not encouraged by the city due to safety concerns, many children have turned their subdivision street into a full basketball court by setting up temporary and sometimes permanent basketball poles in the street or by the curb. After the game is done, the hoops stay put in the street, or along the curb over-hanging the street, causing a vehicle hazard and liability to the City of Rochester Hills. The compliance staff will affix a 24-hour notice to any basketball hoop that is in the right-of-way advising the owner that the hoop will be removed by the city at the owner's expense. If the hoop is not removed from the right-of-way within the time period, the DPS supervisor will assign a crew to remove the hoop and the owner will be responsible to pick up their property at the DPS yard after paying a $75.00 fee.

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