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Itinerant Merchant/Solicitors
Itinerant Merchant
An itinerant merchant is any person going house-to-house selling items or services for profit.

Itinerant merchants must obtain a license from the City Clerk and must display it so that it is visible to any person dealing with the merchant.

Farmers or truck gardeners who sell products grown or produced on their own property are exempt from licensing, but shall be subject to other sections of the article.

Itinerant merchants shall not obstruct traffic, interfere with the public, or disturb the peace of the city. No amplified bells or music is allowed.

Itinerant merchants shall not be in one place longer than it takes to make a sale to a customer. For a complete reading of the ordinance go to Municode Chapter 78, Article 3.

Solicitors are individuals associated with non-profit charitable, religious, or political organizations seeking donations or selling items for the purpose of raising funds for the organization. Organizations that are located in the City of Rochester Hills are exempt from this ordinance.

All non-resident solicitors and organizations not located in the City of Rochester Hills are required to obtain a license at the Clerks office. The following operation regulations apply:
  • The non-resident organization shall obtain a license for each representative operating in the City of Rochester Hills.
  • Each non-resident solicitor shall have the license assigned to them in their possession and must display it upon request to any homeowner, city ordinance officer, or sheriff deputy that requests it.
  • Door-to-door solicitation shall only be done between the hours of 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM.
  • Each license to solicit in the city shall expire after 90 days.
  • Solicitors are not allowed to block, obstruct, impede or otherwise interfere with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • Solicitors are not allowed to shout out or use any mechanical means of amplification to draw attention.
  • Solicitors shall not approach homes and businesses displaying "no soliciting" or "no trespassing" signs, and shall cease the solicitation and leave when asked.

For a complete reading of the ordinance see Municode Sec. 78, Article 2

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