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The installation of a fence does not require a permit in residential districts but is subject to the following standards:

  1. Location - Fences shall be located entirely on the owner's property unless it is owned in common by adjoining property owners. In such case the fence may be located on the property line. A dispute regarding the location of placement of a fence is a civil matter and will not be enforced by ordinance compliance staff.
  2. Height - Fences shall not exceed six feet in height, measured from the ground surface to the highest portion of the fence.
  3. Materials -
    • Fences may be constructed of any natural or synthetic material that is all-weather resistant and is engineered and designed to be used for permanent installation as a fence or screen material.
    • No fabric material is allowed to be used for fencing.
    • Chain link fences may have insertable slats.
    • No used materials, not including rock or brick, shall be used as fence material unless approved by the Building Department.
  4. Barbed wire - Barbed wire may not be installed on fences in the residential district.
  5. Proper installation and maintenance - Fences shall be installed and maintained free from defects, safety hazards and collapse, and shall be kept in good repair. No signs, words, letters, images, or illustrations shall be installed on any fence. There is no regulation regarding which way the "good side" of the fence should be showing.
  6. Electric fences - Electric fences are prohibited in the residential districts except for retaining animals. Contact the Building Department for permission and other limitations.
  7. Corner clearance - Homeowners who have a corner lot must maintain a corner clearance. The corner clearance for intersecting streets is 25 feet. The corner clearance of intersecting sidewalks is 15 feet. Fences are not allowed in the public road right-of-way and must terminate 15 feet away from a bike path or sidewalk so as not to create a vision obstruction for motorists exiting driveways.
For a complete reading of the ordinance please read Municode Chapter 84-6.

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