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Child Day Care/Residential
One of the most indispensable and essential services for busy families is child care. Some parents prefer a smaller, residential type setting for their children while mom and dad are at work. This type of business is allowed in the residential districts, but with a few conditions. There are two primary types of Group Care providers.

1. Group Child Day Care providers who care for 6 or fewer children must comply with the conditions in the Home Business ordinance, also noted on the Home Business webpage.

2. Group Child Day Care providers who care for more than 6 children, but not more than 12, must comply with all of the requirements of a home business noted on the Home Business webpage, and the following additional requirements:

  • The operation of a residential facility with more than 6 residents, but not more than 12 requires Conditional Land Use approval by the Planning Commission.
  • The facility must be registered and licensed by the State of Michigan.
  • The facility must be located a minimum of 1500 feet from any other licensed facility serving more than 6, but not ore than 12 residents.
  • The facility must be maintained in a manner consistent with the visible characteristics of the neighborhood in which it is located.
  • The facility must have a minimum of 1500 square feet of outdoor play area, located in the rear yard and shall be suitably fenced and screened. 
  • Adequate areas shall be provided for parking, and pick-up and drop-off of children, in a manner that minimizes pedestrian-vehicle conflicts and allows maneuvers without affecting traffic flow on the public street.
  • Hours of operation. Group Child Daycare homes shall not operate more than 16 hours per day.

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