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The proper display of an address on each home is very important for your safety. In the event of an emergency, it helps the police, firefighters, or paramedics locate your home quickly. It is also helpful for other delivery or service personnel to find your home as well.

The following addressing requirements will help us find you.

  • The address shall be displayed in digits only.
  • The digits shall be displayed horizontally or no more than 45 degrees from horizontal.
  • Digits shall be at least three inches tall.
  • Digits shall be of a color that clearly contrasts with the background surface that the address is installed on.
  • Digits must be clearly visible from the street. The address should be placed near the main entrance of the home. However, if the address is better seen on the front elevation of an attached garage, then install the address there.
  • If the house is 75 feet or more from the street, the address must also be placed on a separate sign, post, or mailbox visible from the street. This address display shall not be larger than two square feet and must be placed near the main vehicle entrance.

For a complete reading of the Addressing ordinance, see Municode Chapter 18, Article 7

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