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The Milk House
Milk House
The Milk House was built in 1911 under the direction of Alice Van Hoosen Jones. It was originally built to store milk before it was shipped to market. Large, concrete containers held cold spring water in which the cans of milk were stored. Upon careful examination, the location of these containers can still be seen on the existing floor. When electricity came to the Van Hoosen Farm in 1914, this building was converted into the pump house, where water was brought onto the farm site and distributed to all of the other farm buildings. The existing large, black tank is a water tank, and the equipment along the south wall is the pumping equipment used in water distribution.

Immediately to the south of this building, where the driveway is located, was the original location of the icehouse, a wooden building built in 1890.

Outside the Milk House south door was the location of the gas pump used to fuel the delivery trucks. The pump was stolen in 1988 and the underground storage tank was removed in 1991.

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