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Practical Lawn Care
  • Keep lawn clippings out of street catch basins:
    • Clippings are mostly water, and break down quickly to return valuable nutrients to the soil.
  • Create a compost pile:
  • Set your mower blade to leave grass about three inches tall:
    • Taller grass cools the soil, needs less water and shades out weed growth. Also, your lawn will be more resistant to insects and disease.
  • Conserve water by using only what your lawn needs: 
    • 15-20 minutes of sprinkling daily is better than a few heavy waterings throughout the week, according to Michigan State University Extension.
    • If daily watering is impractical, 30-40 minutes of watering every other day is sufficient. 
    • Make sure your sprinkler is watering your lawn--not your driveway or sidewalk. 
Source: Clinton River Watershed Council

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