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Watersheds and Wetlands

There are five different watersheds within the City of Rochester Hills. Four of them are cohesive to each other as they all become part of the Clinton River that flows into Lake St. Clair. The fifth watershed is part of the Rouge River watershed which flows into the Detroit River farther downstream of Lake St. Clair.
Watersheds in Rochester Hills Map  

The Statewide Wetland Information for Michigan is now made available through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's website (MDEQ). 

Michigan Wetland Inventory Map

Protect Our Rivers and Streams!
Woody debris accumulates in streams and rivers through biological and physical processes. Accumulations of debris generally occur at specific points in a stream. Woody material can play an important role in the ecological processes of a stream by providing habitat structure and food sources for a variety of organisms. Woody debris accumulations also affect the geomorphic processes of a stream. It may impact sediment storage and routing, stream bed and bank structure, velocity distributions, and sinuosity of a stream. 

Large Woody Debris (LWD) Management Program 

Rain Gardens
Learn more about Rain Gardens from the Clinton River Watershed Council.

Looking to treat your Phragmites?

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