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Hazardous Spills and Illicit Discharges
If you have seen a hazardous spill or illicit discharge, please call the Rochester Hills Fire Department's 24-hour non-emergency line immediately at 248.656.4650.
What are illicit discharges?
Illicit Discharge: Any discharge (or seepage) to the separate storm water system that is not composed entirely of storm water or uncontaminated groundwater.

Illicit discharges occur when sewage or other wastewater that should be directed to a sanitary sewer system or onsite sewage treatment system (septic system) is released into a storm drain system. Illicit discharges can release large quantities of harmful bacteria and pollutants into our rivers and lakes.

Failing septic fields, direct connections between household plumbing and storm drains and spilling, dumping, and pumping are all sources of illicit discharges. Identification and elimination of illicit discharges is necessary to protect our water supply and prevent water borne illnesses.

Please contact us if you observe: 
  • A strong sewage odor 
  • Discharges or dumping of pollutants into drains, ditches, ponds, lakes or rivers 
  • Sewage on the ground surface

Be prepared to give the following information: 
  • Location of complaint 
  • Source of pollution, if known 
  • Responsible party, if known 
  • Any other relevant observations

You may remain anonymous if you desire.

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