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Water System Advisory Council
Leanne Scott
Deputy Clerk

Ph: 248.841.2460
Fx: 248.656.4744

Committee Name Change - As of November 12, 2018, this committee is no longer the Water and Sewer Technical Review Committee. Please see "Purpose" section below.
Agendas, Notices and Minutes
Visit the City's Legislative Center for the latest meeting agenda, as well as prior meeting information, notices and minutes (if applicable).

Vacancy Notice(s)

   City Council Members
   Susan Bowyer, Ph.D., Dale Hetrick, David Walker
   Term: 12/07/2020

   Administrative Staff Members
   Tracey Balint, Public Utilities Engineering Manager
   Leon Luedeman, Water and Sewer Operations Manager

   Citizen Representatives (terms expire 12/31/2020)
   Jeff Duperon, Orville Hoksch, Jr., Greg Hooper, Philip Hurst, Zef Ivanaj,
   John Paille, and C. Neall Schroeder

   Youth Council Representatives
   Maya Iyer, Dana Williams

The Rochester Hills Water and Sewer Technical Review Committee was created on November 29, 2006 to review water and sewer rates on an annual basis and provide a recommendation to City Council. On Monday, November 12, 2018, per City Council approval, the Water and Sewer Technical Review Committee became the Water System Advisory Council. Its purpose shall include the following: To improve transparency in our community by advising and assisting with the creation of materials and plans to educate our community about the dangers of lead in drinking water.

Would you like to serve?
If you are interested in serving on this Commission, please complete a Candidate Questionnaire and return it to the Clerk's Department at 1000 Rochester Hills Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309.

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