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Educational Programs
Three educational programs are currently proposed. The extent to which each will be used will be determined by city staff and the core group. They are:
  • The Neighborhood Traffic Safety Campaign
    This involves the distribution of brochures describing techniques that pedestrians and parents can use to help address speeding issues and to become better aware of their driving habits.
  • Use of the Smart Trailer (Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer)
    This program consists of a portable, unmanned trailer equipped with radar speed detection equipment. The unit obtains speeds of oncoming vehicles and displays them on a digital display board visible to the passing motorist. The intent is to show motorists their actual travel speed. The program can be combined with Sheriff Department enforcement activity.
  • The Ownership Letter Campaign
    This program involves citizens collecting speed data for vehicles in their neighborhood. After recording the speed and vehicle information, the city obtains the registered owner's name and address through Michigan's Secretary of State's system. City staff then sends letters to these motorists explaining the community's desire for a safe neighborhood and encouraging them to drive 25 mph. This program actively involves citizens in addressing the speeding concerns in their neighborhood.

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