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Home Occupation
Home Occupation (Ancillary Uses) Compliance
On a limited basis, home occupations will be allowed in R-1, R-2, R-3 and R-4 one-family residential districts, provided any such activity:
  • Does not create a nuisance to the surrounding neighborhood
  • Does not become more than an incidental function of the use of the dwelling for residential purposes
  • Does not draw truck traffic other than a delivery by a truck no more frequently than an average of once a week or by trucks or vehicles allowed under subsection 138-1143(b)
  • Does not employ paid assistants or employees other than those living at the premises
  • Does not cause more than a nominal increase of traffic
  • Does not cause the erection or maintenance of any signs other than signs allowed on vehicles under subsection 138-1143(b)(5)
  • Does not take place outside of the dwelling and / or accessory buildings, so as to be a nuisance or not be in keeping with the residential nature of the surrounding area

Code of Ordinances

View the home occupations section of the design standards for specific uses chapter of the code of ordinances.

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