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Phase I - Informational Meeting
The purpose of phase one is to:
  • Collect data in the form of speed studies and field review
  • Gain the support of a core group of residents
  • Identify the problem
  • Provide for a complete explanation of the program

Informational Meeting & Problem Identification
Residents with a traffic safety concern can contact the city. In return they receive a traffic information survey form. You are requested to discuss traffic concerns with your neighbors and/or the neighborhood association. If there is interest, the city will host an informational meeting and present the program.

After the Meeting
From the informational meeting, a group of residents or core group will be formed to work with the city to gather information. Speed studies will be performed at locations identified by the residents. In addition, traffic counts will be taken and other operational areas will be studied. All of the data gathering will be done with resident volunteers working together in partnership with city employees. This information, jointly collected, will establish base data from which Phase II and Phase III of the program will stem.

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