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Fence Compliance
A permit is not required in order to install a fence in the City of Rochester Hills. However, the fence must comply with the City of Rochester Hills Ordinance Article VI: Fences.

Fences shall be located entirely on the owner's property. Fences owned by both adjoining property owners may be located on the common property line.

Fences shall not exceed 6 feet in height from the ground surface.

Natural / Synthetic
Any natural or synthetic material that is all-weather resistant and is engineered and designed to be used for permanent installation as a fence or screening material shall be used.

Chain Link
Chain link may be supplemented with woven metal (i.e., aluminum, galvanized or other metal with protective coating) insertable slats.

Used Materials
No used materials (not including rock and brick) shall be used as fence material unless approved by the Building Department.

Barbed Wire
Barbed wire may not be installed on fences, except above the top line of a 6-foot fence located in a nonresidential zoning district and enclosing a storage area. Barbs on chain link fences are not allowed on any exposed portion of the fences below six feet.

Proper Installation & Maintenance

Fences shall be installed and maintained free from defects, safety hazards and collapse and shall be kept in good repair. No signs, words, letters, images or illustrations (except for those signs required in subsection six of Article V) may be painted or otherwise affixed to fences.

Electrically charged fences are prohibited. The Building Department may approve electric fences for the purpose of retaining animals under certain circumstances.

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