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Youth Council Current Members
Representative High School Grade  District  Committee
Ryan Barrett Rochester High School 9 4 Citizens Pathway
Aman Dosanjh Rochester High School 9 3 Green Space Advisory
Shreya Pillai Rochester High School 9 3 Public Safety & Infrastructure
Numair Haq Adams High School 10 1 Liquor License
Yitian Zhang International Academy 10 1 Cemetery Citizen Advisory
Hannah Bennett Rochester High School  11 2 Green Space Advisory 
Jessica Hrynkiw Rochester High School 11 2 Human Resources
Maya Iyer Rochester High School 11 3 Water and Sewer
Zena Nasiri Adams High School 11 1 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Aden Smith Stoney Creek High School 11 2 Green Space Advisory
Dana Williams Rochester High School 11 4 Water and Sewer
Hayden Bearre Rochester High School 12 2 Cemetery Citizen Advisory
Jonathan Karr Notre Dame Prep 12 2 Public Safety & Infrastructure
Zoe Pizzuti Adams High School 12 2 Deer Management 
Pawel Vijayakumar Rochester High School 12 4 Liquor License

City Council Representative
Ryan J. Deel - Term: 12/07/2021

For More Information
If you have any questions, please call the Youth Council Liaison at 248.841.2460 Ext. 2160.

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