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Roads Division
The City of Rochester Hills Road Division strives to maintain a safe major and local road network for its citizens. Some major roads within the city limits may be considered a County or MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) road; however, these areas are maintained by either the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) or the City of Rochester Hills. If you have any concerns regarding the maintenance of the roads in Rochester Hills, please call the Department of Public Services at 248.656.4685. 

Special Assessment District (SAD) for Paving Gravel Roads
An SAD is a special financing district set up to fund the capital costs of a public improvement that provides special benefits to property owners in a subdivision or a defined neighborhood. Visit the Special Assessment District webpage for more information.

Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC)
TAMC shows the condition, operation, and investment in Michigan's public road system. Visit the TAMC Dashboard for more information. Visit the Transportation Asset Management Council website for more information regarding the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) map.

Traffic & Street Signs
Traffic and street signs are also maintained by the Department of Public Services / Traffic Safety Division. If you would like to report a problem regarding street / traffic signs, please call the Department of Public Services at 248.656.4685.

For More Information
For more information or to report a question, concern, or observation, contact:

   County Roads
   Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC)
   Ph: 248.858.4804  

   City Roads [Street Jurisdiction Map]
   City of Rochester Hills / Department of Public Services
   Ph: 248.656.4685

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