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The Rochester Hills Fire Department is equipped with a variety of vehicles required to provide fire and EMS services. The vehicles are funded through a Capital Fund which was established many years ago. This fund allows for the replacement of vehicles and equipment so other funding such as loans and bonds are not needed.

Rochester Hills Fire DeptFollowing is a list of vehicles at each of our five stations:

 Station 1     Station 2      Station 3     Station 4   Station 5   
 Engine 1  Truck 2  Engine 3  Truck 4  Engine 5
 Truck 1  Bravo 22  Truck 3  Bravo 24  Truck 5
 Alpha 21  Rescue 1  Bravo 23  Utility 4  Air Tender
 Bravo 25  Squad 2  Utility 3    
 Squad 1           
 Utility 1        

You can contact the Rochester Hills Fire Department via email at  or by calling 248.656.4720.

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